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BeyondGoodSamaritanBeyond the Good Samaritan, Ann Morisy
ISBN 9780826471413

Morisy has helped churches to reinvent themselves by serving community needs. She says churches just need to be prepared to radically adjust their priorities and use skills they often already have. Through community ministry Christians can express their discipleship, enhance pastoral care (not just internally), learn from those in need, work across denominations, go `beyond the good Samaritan’ in fighting injustice, and bring positive changes to society. The book explores the prayer, teamwork, coordination, dialogue and humility necessary for community ministry. It is a helpful framework for emerging churches who want to be serious about their missional responsibility and engage with community needs.

 ThetangiblekingdomThe Tangible Kingdom, Hugh Halter en Matt Smay
ISBN 9780470435335

Written for those who are trying to nurture authentic faith communities and for those who have struggled to retain their faith, The Tangible Kingdom offers theological answers and real-life stories that demonstrate how the best ancient church practices can re-emerge in today’s culture, through any church of any size. In this remarkable book, Hugh Halter and Matt Smay, two missional leaders and church planters, outline an innovative model for creating thriving grass-roots faith communities.

 HowtomultiplyyourchurchHow to Multiply Your Church, Ralph Moore
ISBN 9781441224224

Churches in North America are bigger than ever, but their slow rate of growth cannot keep up with population increases. In How to Multiply Your Church, Pastor Moore shows church leaders and pastors why multiplication is the key to growing God’s global kingdom in their communities, and he offers them proven methods for implementing multiplication in their existing churches. How to Multiply Your Church is the next leap forward for those who long to see God’s kingdom increase.